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Assisted Living in Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood and Centennial, Colorado


How do I decide which home is the best fit for my family member?

We are sensitive to individual needs for privacy as well as socialization. We look closely at each incoming resident’s personality, preferences, communication skills, cognitive level and mobility and we endeavor to match the person to a home that is most appropriate. Additionally, we have 17 locations and approximately 136 residents. This enables us to bring residents with common interests together from different homes.

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What do we do when the care needs of my family member increase?

We are comfortable with a variety of health related problems and disabilities due to the training and leadership of Michael W. Zislis, a licensed physical therapist. In certain unique circumstances, we may recommend moving a resident from one location to another one of our homes specializing in the care of individuals with more advanced dementia or greater physical challenges. Additionally, we partner with Hospice services to support our residents through the end of life in our residence.

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How do you satisfy various dietary preferences?

It is imperative to provide a variety of high quality, nutritious food for our residents. Our menus are reviewed by a registered dietitian. We place an emphasis on freshly prepared foods rather than pre-packaged ones. We interview residents and their family members about their favorite recipes and incorporate them into our menus. In addition, a recipe book has been created consisting of our food prep staff and resident favorites.

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What do you do if my family member’s mobility is compromised creating a risk for falling?

Michael W. Zislis, PT completes a comprehensive functional mobility and fall risk assessment. Then, a Risk Management program is developed consisting of:

  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and strategic placement;
  • Therapeutic exercises and balance/coordination drills to enhance mobility and safety;
  • Staff training to properly support and guard each resident for optimal safety; and
  • Resident training to facilitate wise choices pertaining to functional mobility as well as the use of call devices.

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How do you meet the social needs and interests of the residents?

We believe that assisted living consists of much more than simply keeping a resident and the environment clean and dispensing their medications. As a result, we have a full time activity coordinator and five activity professionals to facilitate a variety of social activities. Our three tiered program consists of:

  • Home based activities facilitated by our activity staff: (Examples: cognitive level appropriate board games, craft activities, exercise groups, singing, computer center, raised bed gardening/plant care, supervised cooking/baking, seasonal home decorating, current affairs discussions, BBQ’s etc.)
  • Home based activities conducted by outside groups: (Examples: various musical entertainment, Active Minds program, visits by local school and youth groups, magicians and other performers, religious institution representative visits, etc.)
  • Community based outings: (Examples: various museum trips, Ocean Journey, Zoo, Wild Life Experience, sight seeing van tours, lunch outings, sporting events, senior specific enrichment events, Botanical Gardens, Imax, concerts, etc.).


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Serenity House Assisted Living Homes are Licensed by the Colorado Department of Health and are located in quiet residential communities in the South Central Denver metropolitan area.

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